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Our Sinus Clinic is proud to offer our ENT doctor’s services to those on both Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is a Federal program that provides health coverage when you are 65+, or if you are under 65 with a qualifying medical disability, no matter your income. Medicaid is both a State and Federal program that gives people who are low-income access to Health Care and Medical Services. (Sometimes people qualify for both of these Insurance plans when they meet dual eligibility requirements.) In most cases ENT problems are eligible under these insurance plans and can also be provided at minimum cost. We are one of the few Sinus Clinics in Las Vegas that provide care from an ENT Doctor who accepts Medicare and Medicaid. Sinus Solutions is your solution to low cost and minimum cost ENT treatment. Everyone with the verified eligibility is accepted at Sinus Solutions and our ENT Specialists are eager to assist you with any of your ENT health-related medical problems and conform to your needs and to your budget. We make ENT Doctors accessible to all who are in need of care or treatment. Please call the office at 702.966.3100 to check your benefits and eligibility and schedule an appointment.

Sinus solutions help with balance disorders:

We offer a variety of Sinus Solutions such as help with balance disorders, ear pressure, eye pain, facial pain, hearing loss, migraines, nasal congestion and obstruction, postnasal drip, recurring sinus infections, sinus pain, sinus pressure, and even tooth pain. Our Doctor, Dr. Terrance J. Kwiatkowski is a board-certified otorhinolaryngologist and a highly recommended and skilled Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist who is also a certified Surgeon and at the top of his league. Our Sinus Solutions Clinic is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We strive to please all our patients and we offer minimally invasive and maximumly effective solutions. We are ahead in the ENT field with the latest technology available and Dr. Kwiatkowski is the first surgeon in Las Vegas offering ClarafixChrotherapy to patients suffering from chronic rhinitis. Dr. K looks at each individual patient’s sinus problem and creates an appropriate treatment plan with all of your options discussed in detail.

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